Contractual Revision

It’s a request of an Infrastructure Contract revision when one of the conditions established in there is not obeyed by the other Party or even when the conditions are changed by some external factor, out of control from the Parties.


Generally, the change of the contracted conditions implies the term revision and/or the contractual price.

About the deadline term, the Work Planning should be assessed, specially the eventual maintenance of the Contractual Schedule by means of the increase of labor and equipment resources or even the necessity of its revision by excluding factors of the Party’s responsibility.

In both cases, it should be assessed the incident of additional costs not prescribed in the service contracting, either by mobilization of new resources for the original term maintenance, or for the postponement of the management and supervision structure permanence as a result of the deadline extension.

The consultancy acts as a Technical Party Assistant, advising it with the contractual documentation analysis, which is produced along the execution of the Contract, in its interpretation and preparation of the supporting documentation about the damages to be claimed to the other Party. The consultancy is also in charge of the wording of the request for review of the conditions set out in the contract.

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