Contractual Administration

Through the associated consultants, the assistance to the Party in the contract management can be achieved through a two-step procedure.


In the first stage the implementation of the program happens through an Opening Contractual Seminar. In this Seminar an Awareness Lecture is presented, when the team responsible for the Contract learn about the main concepts and the importance of developing a good Contractual Administration.

In this Seminar is developed a critical analysis of the Contract, previously prepared by the consultancy. The purpose is to present the main risks and opportunities, creating an atmosphere to stimulate the debates and the deepening of contractual issues with the Seminar participants.

The Contractual Administrator Manual could be prepared, where the activities to be observed by the Contractual Administrator in his or her day by day, as well as the obligations and responsibilities are contemplated.

Once implemented, the second stage shall begin, that means to attend the Contractual Administration. Basically this attendance is done through periodic visits of the associated consultants, when the previous established routines would be checked and the necessary guidance would be given concerning mainly to organize the documentation and a guarantee of the best practices of contractual management. It’s also included a long distance support, when the consultants can pronounce about any received document and give orientation about answers and measures to be taken.

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