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institucionalThe revision of Contracts can be done by processes which the decision is taken by the contracted Parties through Negotiation or Mediation.

NEGOTIATION – The consulting acts in the elaboration of Revision of Contracts requests and in the consultancy for the party in negotiations maintained with the Final Client.

In mediation the performance occurs as Mediaton.

It’s possible however to occur other revision processes of contracts which the decision can be delegated to third party. Basically, those revisions can be done through Arbitration Procedures or by Recommendations/Decisions that come from Dispute Boards, when foreseen in Contracts.

In Arbitration Procedures, the participation has been given as Technical Party Assistant in all the Procedure, elaborating briefs and organizing documentary evidences. It can be also as Expert Witness, as a Technical Assistant in Investigation, as an Expert named by the Arbitral Tribunal or even as a Co-Arbitrator nominated by one of the Parties.

The consultancy partners are up to participate as a member of Dispute Boards or as a Technical Assistant from one of the Parties in the documentation preparation to be delivered to the Dispute Board.

In terms of preventive acting, the consultancy can guide the Party to establish the Contractual Administration Programme, and also the implementation and attendance done by associated advisers.

The Consultancy specialty comes from the experience of this founding partner, acquired along of more than a decade in Ports and Hydro-Electric Power Plants, as well as in the implementation of a Corporate Contractual Administration Programme.

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